Default note length per instrument like in Octamed "hold" para

Would be nice if we could set a default note off length for each instrument just like the “hold” parameter in Octamed. E.g. I track a bass with a fixed hold length and only want to vary it sometimes. currently I then have to edit each single note to write in the default note off length, too. For samples, midi and vsti.

It would be handy for an analog sequencer type of thing. But, have been doing this with phrases (put note off in phrase). I suppose it gets a little work-around-ish when you want a longer note length, but it’s possible, too. Easiest for me is ‘escaping’ the note off phrase with another octave phrase I don’t need (transposing appropriately in that phrase, of course.)

Ok, but then I cannot make any longer hold than chosen in the phrase, right?