Default sampler settings

how should one (if possible) setup default/template sampler modulation/effects tab?
i’d like to have for volume modulation envelope graph with 2 pre-defined points, or multiple parallel chains? i’d like to have all at once
keyzones/modulation/effects predefined?
Thank you!

First set-up all the modulation settings you need as default, then save the particular song as a template song? (top left of the gui, ‘file’ tab, ‘save as template song’)

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stupid me, i (internally - in my head) did discard this thought… Thanks for reminding me… Cheers!
(i already have custom template, yet without sampler/instrument custom properties)

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one minor question - do you know where templates are stored by default (so i can backup one)?

check out the top part of the gui ’ help’ tab, and use the option to show the preferences folder. Here you can find the template song file.

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awesome, thank you a lot! :slight_smile:

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