Default shortcut Pattern Matrix:Options:Increase Slot Height

Two things I always change when I start with a clean system after installing Renoise:

In the Matrix Editor for some reason ctrl-up changes Pattern Matrix:Options:Increase Slot Height.

That same ctrl-up moves up one pattern in the pattern editor. I change a lot between those windows. Since I want the same consistent behaviour in every window I change this to Pattern Matrix:Navigation:Select Previous Sequence. I do the same for ctrl-down.

Another thing I change is more a matter of taste than keeping one line in keybindings.

In the Sample Editor moving the cursor up changes the slected stero channel. In a rather famous wave-editor this means zoom in, so I map ctrl-up to Sample Editor:Navigation:Move Cursor up.

Discarding my second suggestion makes a lot of sense, but I would advice to consider remapping the default keybindings forPattern Matrix:Options:Increase/Decrease Slot Height.
How often does one change the height of the matrix, and how often does one moves up&down in the sequence?

Thanks for your time and to the developpers: thanks for your awesome software!