Default theme

I know it’s probably your least concern at the moment, but I was wondering if the theme we are having as default in the betas will stay that way for the final?

The last themes always had a certain, well, theme :slight_smile: 2.5 was blue, then 2.8 was yellow.

The current, in my opinion doesn’t. It has some yellow elements, then some orange, and then there is this blue for the faders now. It seems more like a mix of different themes, then one coherent one.

But yeah, I know this is not crucial stuff…

I really like the new theme.

Sliders in the default theme are not blue. You are quite likely using some old theme from old preferences, which got upgraded when running Renoise 3.1 on top of older Renoise versions.

To see the default theme, Go to preferences -> themes and double click on “Default”. This is the theme which is used by default when no Renoise preferences are present.

Sliders are not blue, no, but meters for tracks with aends are and so is the max dB bar for all meters.

And there should perhaps be some sort of indicator of which theme is currently active too.

I just read all of this and wanted to try the ‘default’ setting, but I’ve got a nice theme already installed and I have no idea what it is called. I’ve downloaded basically all of the available themes, so if I try another one I have to go through a list of themes a mile long, hoping to find the one I use as my standard again. So, somewhere there should be some indicator what you’re currently running, if you wanna go mess around and try out other themes.

Edit: I tried it. Turns out it was “Outdoors(danoise)” I’m running. Took some major clicking through to find it again, yup.

there should be some indicator what you’re currently running

When you load a theme, Renoise does not really keep track of which particular theme file you loaded. It simply takes the theme’s colours and other properties, and then applies them to your current config.

If you like the theme you’re currently using, simply save it to your user library with a memorable name, and then it’s always easy to find.