Default Track name to Instrument used?

Wouldn’t it be cool if tracks could auto-change their name from “track 1” to the name and instrument slot of the instrument being used in them, like “00.BD-808” or “03.crash.wav”? Then of course you could change it to whatever you like, but I end up changing all my track names to “BD” “SD” “bass” after my initial flurry of adding instruments and tracking notes in. It would really save me a step if it intelligently did that for me.

Could this be done as an XRNX?

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Yes. A crude version is really simple to make. Hook up pattern line_notifiers on all/new patterns and change the track name to the instrument name upon any edit.

(I would cache both the track and instrument names for a comparison that will avoid accessing the names on every single edit. It adds some complexity to the tool but makes it nicer.)

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You can save a song as template with all ypur naming done. Also tempo, pattern lengths etc.

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That would work for things I reliably use in every track like BD, SD, HH, Vital synth etc. but I use very different instruments and sounds for most tracks. @joule 's suggestion sounds right but I no speaka tha programming to script such a thing.