Default velocity level per instrument

I just thought of a really basic feature that’s still missing… default volume (velocity) for instruments!

ie, the volume/velocity that is used by the instrument if none is specified in the pattern data…currently afaik this is always 0x80 (128) right?

Dunno if thisis what you mean,

but underneath the pattern editor, left of the vol / pan / delay icons to toggle on/off in a column, there is a keyboard icon and a value box in which you can set a default volume/velocity for recording.


I see, per instrument is the key here, what I mentioned above works globally.

um, not quite what i mean. This sets what vol/vel gets recorded in the pattern. I want to write notes without volume/velocity values, then change the default for the instrument. Currently i have to set them to a certain value, and then modify all the patterns afterwards if i want to change it.

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That, and the above (instrument’s “default” velocity is the default for notes with EMPTY velocity field)

There are so many options to change volume I’m not sure why this is a problem? :)

If it is a sampled instrument you want to have at a different volume, you could render ’ adjust volume’ in the sample editor with the db icon, use the modulation options on Volume, or use the volume toggle on the left side of the instrument editor in ‘sample properties’. Vsti’s often have volume dials + you could adjust mixer volume level, automate these values etcetera etcetera…

Maybe this tool is also useful / works in 3.0?

You’re thinking in terms of single-layer sampled instruments. On real instruments (and most VST/DSSI/LADSPA/AU/etc) velocity completely alters the timbre of the sound, it’s not just a question of + - a certain amount of dB.

This is called audio dynamics. To illustrate: you record someone whispering, and then amplify it to the maximum of your speakers. It won’t sound like someone yelling.

Uhm, usually you do that in the sample properties. Another way would have been to set it in the Keyzones " “vel->vol”. Another way would have been to set it through your volume envelope depth.

You can now do it more comfortable now for the whole instrument with several samples in the instrument modulations. Just go to the instrument modulation and adjust the “Input” slider to whatever you need. If you’re going to setup more complex volume modulations, specially including velocity, don’t forget to turn off “vel->vol” per sample in the keyzones.

You could also add a Gainer in your Intrument FX now. I counted 5 ways to set instrument volume without thinking too long. I’m quite sure, there are even more. ;)

Yep, I understand this concept, but you’re request still isn’t clear to me.


…the thing you’re talking about, the timbre changing of midi hardware or vsti is based on the velocity Renoise outputs. Indeed changing the volume sliders in the mixer won’t affect this, but the keyboard velocity toggle I was speaking of before does!

So you want to manage the values of the volume column. The script I’m linking above does this…

I’ve changed the topic title to make it more clear.
Indeed for specific velocity layers where the timbre or expression of the sound is more important than the actual “volume” level this would be handy.

Thanks Vv!

I think, I read this 5 times now, before I finally got the actual point. *LOL Must be the age…

Edit: I think i’ll just read this one more time. :rolleyes: