Default View When Opening Renoise...


I’ve not yet found a way to save the default “viewport” for Renoise 1.8 when it’s opening. The templates open up fine, but the view is allways random.

Ofcourse this is nothing but a minor thing, but if someone knows how to help me save this view to load “sample” view or similar i’d be thankful :)


This topic may be deleted… :)

Could I just ask about something on the same topic? I’m afraid it’s just another dual-screen thing really :) It’s just that the movable dividing bar between the folder & file viewing areas is not remembered upon closing & re-opening Renoise. Could it be made so? (please :))

Did you stored a custom template song?
If so, adjust the template song and resave it in the preferences, then try restarting Renoise again and see if it loads the template with the changes.


I’m using renoise and a template on a single screen here but it never remembers the view stored when opened up.

…the default view varies when opened :)

Then i could only suggest to upload your template song somewhere and link to it, then i’ll move this post to the bug-section and see what Taktik thinks of it.

Hey, I am reading other forums as well.
Renoise never saved the last active view in the songs, nor in the preferences. It always starts with the pattern editor…

If that would be useful, lets add it. Some when…


it is allways showing the pattern editor, but what is above the editor (or is not) is changing when you open Renoise. (it seems that the view is changing between Disk browser → load song, and the pattern editor only [that view which comes after pressing f5])

actually just found the cause for this while testing… You can reproduce this by doing the following → Close renoise after opening the mixer (by pressing F4). Pressing F4 - because it opens the full mier view - seems to be important to be able to reproduce this and it wont work if the mixer is opened normally just by pressing the mixer button with a mouse.