Default Volume/Velocity Value

Default Volume/Velocity Value (in hex) should be 64 instead of (maxed out) 7F. It’s standard value 64 (100 in dec) in DAWs. No problem to create custom template with predefined values of course. But should be set to 64 as default globally.

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It’s like this because of MIDI. 80 = 128 in hex.

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That’s it: in the range (decimally) of 0÷127 the default value in DAWs is 100 (not max 127), so decimal 100 is hexadecimal 64.


Click that little keyboard icon, type 64 in the text field next to it… BAM! default note velocity is now 64 (when entered using the computer keyboard). Do this in a new blank project and you can save it as the new template.

Yes, I am talking about this field and its value: it should be 64 by default (instead of 7F).

You can change the “Vel” value. It is kept for new sessions.

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Would be cool if the “Vel” value could be a sequence with a step value (40…4c step 3).