Default WDM latency?


I have a 1212m pcie-e sound card, it’s an older card i’m using in WDM mode to sample along with real time playing.

But I got these buffer misses in the recorded audio and I can’t figure out why the audio is gappied.

This is something that used to work fine from the get go, up to the point multiple things changed in my setup and it just broke


I think the drivers are too old and outdated, i had it myself only i had upgraded to 1616m and it just got more and more buggy. They haven’t updated the drivers for a very long time i believe, had to get me a new one.

It has something to do with updated win 7 drivers I presume, If so it can be fixed by formatting my C drive :(.

I had it going once by doing: …Uninstall updates.

Obtain the list of updates:
wmic qfe get hotfixid >> c:\list.txt
(This will get you the list of all updates that are currently installed.)
Open C:\list.txt in Notepad. (Remove the first line, it’s just the title)
Generate this uninstall script:
for /f %i in (‘type c:\list.txt’) do echo wusa /uninstall /kb:%i /quiet /norestart >> c:\uninstall.cmd
Go to Edit > Replace and set the following field values: (CTRL+H, Replace “/kb:KB” with “/KB:”)
Run the resulting script.
Reboot the node.

NOTE: This is what the syntax should look like after you edit with CTRL+H.
wusa /uninstall /KB:981391 /quiet /norestart

Follwed by: Purge the update cache.

net stop wuauserv
rmdir %windir%\softwaredistribution /s /q
net start wuauserv

With a single result to brighten my day, and consequently stopping work again.

The latter result again once, and then stopping work completely…


I sampled into Reaper’s Wasapi drivers using shared loopback mode. Playing Renoise it’s WDM output as a sampler keyboard. With about ~8ms latency.

Also this is said to be of high quality output, since you copy the register directly. Rather than re sampling it over a dedicated PCB trace.

Good fun!