'delay 2'

i think it would be nice to update the factory renoise delay plugin for the version 2 release, I think all it needs is a simple lowpass and highpass filter. or is this just a waste of time?


And an enveloppe so the delay gets filtered away ay ay ay

Why don’t you insert filter2 after the delay in the effects chain? This saves cpu when you don’t want to use a filter on the delay.

Because having the filter inside the delay line creates a very different result to filtering the entire delayed output. When the filter is inside the delay line you can do fun things like have filtered feedback, ie. “dub delay” style.

For examples of this type of effect, check out e-phonic’s retrodelay.

You can also do other really useful things like apply a high pass filter to the delay, so that none of the low frequencies are affected. This allows you to place a delay on things like basslines, without creating a muddy, bassy mess like you would normally get.


All that was planned for 1.9 and would have been there if there was no device parameter limit in the pattern editor (you can only control 15 parameters per device). So only panning made it to the delay device in the last device pimping.
Filter inside the delay feedback loop was also planned.
The pattern limit will certainly be gone in a future renoise version. Then I would not be surprised to see an extended delay device with new functions.

you mean the hex limit in the patterncommands, right? Can’t wait for bpm experimentation :)

Ok, +1 :)

All this is possible with current Delay. Here’s what you have to do:

Put the Send Device in a track you’d like to use that delay effect. In that Send Device turn the Keep Source button ON.

Then, in the effects track (e.g. S01) you just sent the sound to, insert the native Delay effect, but tick the “Mute Src.” box ON. After that, simply put the filter or whatever other effects you like after the Delay. And automate it.

This way you have your original sound unchanged, while you can do anything you want with delay!
Even more, you can put the Send Device on your original track in the middle of other effects, then you’ll make the delay from clear sound, but can change it afterwards. Or even put two Send Devices, to create different delays (with different effects) from the same sound. The possibilities are endless!!!

Of course, I wouldn’t mind a straight solution for this, but this workaround is good enough for me.


Yeah, trust me, I’m no stranger to convoluted send track setups :)
This was just a very simple example of the kind of thing that would be possible (and easier to do).
It would -definitely- be a welcome feature within the delay dsp itself, imho.


Being able to put any other effect INSIDE the delay effect would be pretty cool.

Native delay with an EQ10 inside it with a spike or notch at a certain frequency, so that with each pass through the delay line, the fed-back delayed sound-buffer gets gradually more warped. This type of feedback stuff is only really possible with hardware atm because of the possibility of insane CPU spikes (combinatorial explosions). But keeping it limited to a delay effect is entirely do-able (see Retrodelay as dBlue mentioned).

You’d have to be pretty careful or you’d end up with horrible feedback soup, but it would be great for dub echoes.

Erm… see what I mean? Not a very well written post, I’m tired.

nice idea