Delay As A Sequenser?

Its probably known, but ill share it anyway.

Ok heres maybe strange thing of making music but yesterday i throwed delays on my tracks with endless settings on it with various line per beat combination. I took one of my track deleted all, and only what left its my amen break loop runned on click kit.

Rest of beat i run on deleys so theres nothing on tracks. I wannted to share it as some new way of making things, or treathing renoise as nice looper. Ofcourse you can do this in most daws, but its easiest and fastest to done in renoise.

I wanted to post it in some inspiration. I found even this is realy low CPU cost production technique. Becouse even if you use VST, you just use it once, and it runs whole time on delay.

Under you can hear effect of life jamming on delays, no trained before so there are mistakes :) It took me ten minutes to make this track, becouse this is how long the track runs. Sry 7 min cuz i fadeout rest 3min, becouse it was worst playing ever :P

Most of you might think how stupid i am and what for? :P I say 4fun :)

yep. said it a few times but it’s a good way to get some funky beats that arent really quantized, once you find the right delay to do it with. Native works alright too but i prefer others. load up like 3-4 of them with different delay lengths/settings on a track and switch them on and off individually, that’s kewl too.

coolest thing about this is you can make a track or two using this delay trick, then try putting in some quantized hihats/kicks/we. definitely wont sound like it normally does

can also work it in with some multiband send magic, and signal follower on the feedback or something heh, tied to the kicks (low to high)

yeah i got whole tracks named 8/8, 4/4, 6/4 etc :P Its realy great fun :)

That track does sound pretty cool. This is a pretty good way for creating drones and huge walls of sound.
Turning the send slider down a bit (to something like -15db) is a good idea, because you can layer sounds infinitely without clipping (also modulating the panning makes it sound “breezy”.