delay column for effects ( triplets etc ) ..

Why …?

Assume we have 8 lpb ( a beat = 1 quarter note .)

I want a stepping filter cutoff pattern to be 8th triplets notes ( which equals the duration of 2 eight notes / 1 quarter note )

Currently not possible .

something like this: New Tool (2.8, 3.0) Randy Note Columns ?

Uh ,the tool you mentioned is for note columns only .

I need it for the effects collumns .

For example 8th notes ( quaver ) in note column , triplets quaver control data in effetcs collumn.

Interesting topic… I had also wondered about this, because it could fuck up automation of sounds laid out with delay column groove. Tuplets are indeed even worse parameter for it…

Also I first thought, the local FX commands could be used to apply delays, but it seems the local FX column cannot control the track’s DSP. And valid commands don’t seem to be delayed either.

I think it should be possible to hack together something with the formula device. I love this little thing. I’m quite positive towards this working as expected, you will be able to apply delays to your parameter changes with it. Will be hell lot of fun for me to try to make this tonight.

How would you like the thing to work? I thought the formula device parameter A is a parameter passthrough, and parameter B being a delay to any parameter changes. Would you like to specify the delay in ticks, or 8 bit fraction of a line, like used in the delay column? I think the formula device will work in tick resolution internally, so 8bit values might have to be rounded somehow to tick boundaries.

Yes I know, it will be a little…cumbersome to work with, having to insert and set up the fucking device wherever you wish to automate something off grid. But better than nothing.

I can think of another workaround: unlike the velocity or volume-tracking devices should respect note delays.

So you could set up e.g. a velocity-tracking device, and automate your effects by writing into the volume column.

You’re basically hijacking those note properties, so it’s probably best to use a special “dummy” sample for this purpose.

Well , it’s bassically to control outboard gear .

Dummy instrument playing triplets , velocity controlling midi cc74 , all good !

@ danoise …thanks buddy