Delay column ineffective with external midi instruments

The delay column seems ineffective when the instrument is a hardware MIDI synthesizer. That’s too bad, because those are espcially the kind of tracks I’d like to humanize the rhythm of.

The Qxx command works, but it’s less precise, can’t be recorded from a MIDI keyboard (right?), and isn’t polyphonic.

Is there another workaround? If not, consider this a bug report. It would look like this:


When an instrument is an external (hardware) MIDI instrument, the delay column is ineffecctive. It records values when a Human plays the keyboard, but when playing the pattern back to the MIDI interface, the delay columns have no effect - it plays as if quantized line-wise.

Steps to reproduce look like this:

Launch Renoise
Make an instrument that is a MIDI output to a hardware synthesizer
Manage to hear that synthesizer’s audio output
Open delay column in a track
Using that instrument, put a couple of notes on that track, with onvious delays (like 80)
Activate metronome
Play pattern: the delays are ignored.
Remove the hardware MIDI output from the instrument, and load a sample instead.
Play pattern again: the delays are working.
Remove the sample and load a VSTi instrument instead.
Play pattern again: the delays are still working.
Remove the VSTi and set up a MIDI hardware output again:
Oh, the delays are ignored again !
Now stop the playback.
Set either the global MIDI input or the instrument’s MIDI input to an hardware keyboard you surely have.
Try playing a few notes on a MIDI keyboard → There should be no lag or timing issue. It’s really only playing back from a pattern that’s the problem.

Expected results:

Notes at the hardware MIDI output should be delayed by numbers in the delay column, like VSTi- or sample-based notes are.

Actual results:

They’re not.

I am able to send MIDI notes to a Korg Volca FM, and the delay commands work. But the highest delay that will send a note is 0B