Delay Device Scripting Bug? (Invalid Min/Max Values)


I think I’ve found a problem with the delay device’s list of parameters in the scripting API.

I use this code to cycle through all the device parameters of a song :

pattern =  
for t, track in ipairs( do   
 for d, device in ipairs(track.devices) do  
 for p, parameter in ipairs(device.parameters) do  
 print("\t\t\t min_value : ", parameter.value_min)  
 print("\t\t\t max_value : ", parameter.value_max)  
 print("\t\t\t current : ", parameter.value)  

The problem is the delay devices print two absurd parameters : “Sync L DelayTime” and “Sync R DelayTime”. Both values are always -1, which is unconsistent with their min/max values (0 to 255). They seem to be related to nothing, since the delay times in sync mode are stored in the "“L Sync Time” and “R Sync Time” parameters.

Maybe it’s the button you can press to set the Delay time in mS to a set number of lines on pressing??

Yay. thats an internal hack which I wanted to hide in the API - obviously didn’t worked. Those -1 values are values which can not be automated, but are used internally. When setting those values you won’t get an error, but this needs a better fix. Will try to take care of this for the next update…