Delay Needs Filter.

This has probably been beaten to death, but a filter would be nice…two even for the delay.

Goes right along with improving the filter. :-/

There’s a workaround for this:

Put the instrument you want delay on on a send device.

Choose “keep source” on the send device.

Now put a delay on the send track.

Add a filter on the send track.

Plus you’ve got to tick “Mute Src.” on the Delay device, so that the Filter (that you put after Delay) affects only the echoes.
Yeah, it’s a good workaround and provides for a lot of cool effects, but built-in delay would be sweet nonetheless.

Does this cause every repeat of the delay to be more and more filtered?

A filtered delay resends the processed audio back through the filter so, for instance, you have a high pass filter…the louder, early echo is slightly highpassed and the later echos are VERY high passed and quiet…

No. The filter on the send track would then not be successive (to have filter in the feedback loop of the delays). To do that, either automate the filter on send track, or set up even more send channels with filters (so the delay would be more and more filtered on each channel).

This is however something that is very likely to be implanted some time in the future. It was discussed and almost made it for the pimping of devices we had for v1.9.

It’s done with high bandwidth LPF or HPF filter on feedback chain. As renoise don’t allow feedback chains, you can’t really build it on your own. But there are VST/LADSPA plugins that provide the described delay effect.

The idea is to not need vst’s. ;) Some people use something other than windows. I know, man…it’s hard to believe! :P

Yeah that sucks. I’ve been using Tape delay from for a while now. The current delay unit is sort of “dry”. But still eminently usable of course. No dub style highpasses on the delayed signal though :(

+1 for filters on delay… but feedback support would pwn even more. I’d love to use lofi or buffer override for delay degradation. I can’t wait for proper routing :P

Yep, +1 for modular routing. It would be awesome

filter delay+1 nicer routing+1

The delay needs smaller delay times than 1ms. :confused:
Also the compressor plugin needs support for longer release times.

why do you need delay times so short? most of the time going below 1ms would be almost unnoticeable until you cross into the realm of the retrigger effect. we are actually lucky the delay even goes down to 1ms because a lot of delays don’t.

+zillion for modular routing.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and I think it’s doable, but it would not be easy to reorganize all the code I think. Still, very very much worth it.
Is there a thread for that? I have some ideas.