Delay Question?

Let’s say I have the following, TPL 12.

C-5 DB DB FF  
--- .. .. ..  
OFF .. .. ..  

How is the delay handled?

From my tests, D8 is applied to the current line, but FF is applied in the next line?

Is this right? If so, why?

As we’ve always been told Renoise generally works from left to right (or even if not and all Delays are added, rather than there being a preferred value position) then I would expect the note to trigger after the Note Off.

Although can you have DB (Delay 12 ticks) on TPL12? Isn’t maximum Delays TPL-1? So that you can’t quite delay a whole line. Probably wrong. But then your example would just become:

C-5 DA DA FF  
--- .. .. ..  
OFF .. .. ..  

and the result would be similar to outlined above, just not as far delayed through the later line (two ticks earlier.)

Maybe the two Dx commands are treated the same and not added together (what happens if they are different values though?) and then the Delay column is then just processed after just one of them. Seems to tie in with your findings.

If you set the delay to 12 when tpl=12 it won’t affect the note no, but DB = Delay 11. ($0a = still 10)

Can you tell my head hasn’t quite been with it recently?

What about the Delay values adding up, like pattern commands do?

You’re forgiven, for me it is actually also too late to spin my head around this correctly.
I don’t know if all delays really add up, never attempted this. But i also come from an era where only one effect column with 4 digits instead of 3 was a rich tool.

Here’s what, AFAIK, happens, TPL = 12:

C-5 D4 DB FF  

DB will override D4, because it’s more to the right.

Then, FF is added to DB.

If Dx >= C, where TPL is 12, then the note isn’t played. (Setting the delay to a tick equal or higher than the max TPL cancels it out.

Bonus points:

TPL = 4  
C-5 DB D4 FF 0D03 | ---   
--- .. .. -- ---- | G-5  


Nothing is really clear, to be honest.

Not like that no, test step by step. First pick 1 delay value, applied to one percussion element, than add another percussion element in the next notecolumn and apply two delay values there. then copy these two notes to the next track including the delay values and in there add a delay effect in the effect column and so on.
It also helps to slow down the song to a low LPB rate of 1 so you can distinguish the distance better.
I believe that also seems how dBlue performs his tests.

If you do them in separate, very short patterns you’ll also have markers between each entry when you export to wav, making it easier to read/measure the delay given.

From my memory and a short lookup (please don’t shoot me if this is wrong):

  • Delay in pan overrides existing delays in volume column.
  • Delay in effect column overrides delay in volume or pan columns.
  • Notecolumn delays are applied in addition to the tick delays - summ up.

Do effects in de effect columns get delayed too?
Or is it just the note column?
This would come in handy for me…