Delay Vst's

Hi lately ive been trying to mash beats using delay vsts to get bouncy snare rushes and things, the delay effect in Dblue’s glitch plugin is v nice for this. Im interested in altering the step/speed of the delay,using it as I would a retrigger effect to get kind of granular effects.

The trouble is my delay vsts dont always behave the way I want them to. Does anyone know of a really good delay vst that might be good for what I am trying to do?

Cheers. :drummer:

Try Bouncy by Bram@SmartElectronix

the best delay ive ever found for that purpose is/was jeskola ninja- delay (buzzmachine).
in vst-world iirc, cowdelay or bouncy should give you some nice results too.
there are more delays that gives you the grain- feeling.
maybe ill post a few more later on.

edit: but keep in mind that bouncy will add some (big) latency to your chain.

edit2: so you need a non- tapedelay vst. right?! ( -> adjusting the delay-lenght => buffer-content dont get pitched)

try karmaFX delay or OhmBoyz, maybe it works with some of them

Kjaerhus Classic Delay.

It’s free and by goodness it is wicked.

The sound is so nasty and grim. 3 settings that you can really differentiate from and it sounds kinky as hell. It works nice and subtle too. Smashes up the chapel.

It doesn’t introduce any latency at all here?

One of the best delay plugin is free.
It’s called Bionic Delay and it’s better in my opinion than Ohmboyz.
It’s being created by The Interruptor,
he tried to mimic Logic Audio’s delay and well, he had more than success. It can be downloaded here:
and it’s great. Try that.

BionicDelay is also my favourite. I also use Retrodelay some of the time, because it has an more obvious filter on the feedback, which can sound really nice (the controllers are better on Bionic though). There’s also the newly released TAL-DUB delay. All free, and all available on kvraudio.

Yeah exactly! The main problem ive been having is when I ajust the delay length it alters the pitch, which sucks. So I want a non tape delay, ok thanks.

Ive heard that there are buzz delays are good for this sort of thing.

I have Bouncy which is nice though having to get used to controlling it. I also have Bionic which is awsome but I had problems with the pitch altering as I mentioned.

Thanks everyone will check others out.

+1 for Bionic Delay. It’s awesome. I barely use reverb any more -tweak the ‘irregular stereo delay’ preset :yeah:

Why don’t you just add a few extra tracks in renoise and program in your own echo’s, oldschool style? ;)

Fabfilter Timeless is pretty interesting too.

lazyness i think… ^^

Trust me, i would not even teach pupils in school to do that sorts of things anymore if they had to learn basic tracker skills.

I do it sometimes, I find it quite effective.

hi fellas… what about ninja delay - true… anyway - one of important things in delay is hp/lp/bp filters and finally range of frequency, which we wanna hear in “post signal” ( example like ninja delay, but in this case, we can choose only one filter at same time) . what i want to say… native renoise delay is pretty good, but sometimes hp/lp filters are very useful. will be nice to see those filters in next renoise version ( “next” - in future, maybe 2.0 ver. maybe higher)
my english suxxx, i know :rolleyes:

That was planned for the 1.9 release. But because of a parameter limitation in the pattern editor that need to be solved first, it did not make it for this release. (a tip for now could be to try to use the new chorus device that got a simple delay and filters).