Delay When Using Vst Instrument

This is my first attempt at making music with a tracker.

In Renoise I open a midi file I made, it plays fine with all midi instruments but when I change the midi piano for a VST piano the timing isn’t correct anymore. The VST instrument always is a little bit late.

Did anyone else have this problem? Can I do something about it or is there a workaround? I couldn’t find anything in the manual.

I tested it with other VST instruments but the problem remains, I need to mix midi instruments and VST instruments because I don’t have VST instruments for every instrument I use.


I understand that by midi instruments you mean ones playing using your soundcard’s synth, right?

The problem is that VST instruments are affected by audio latency, while your soundcard’s synth is not. You need to lower down your audio latency in preferences -> audio.

Maybe its because many (all) effects in the effect column dont work on vsti’s. So it the note delays are Dxx when you have the midi on screen, the vsti piano just ignores it, resulting in bad timing

the note delay works with every VSTi/MIDI/sample-based instrument, so it’s not the problem.

Can you check if “Instr.Setting => MIDI Properties => Delay” is different than 0ms?

The delay was set to 0ms, I tried changing it before but I didn’t hear any improvements. Now I’ve set it to -50 ms and it sounds ok now.

Thanks for the help.

It’s a bit user-unfriendly that I have to change every instruments midi properties to get the timing of one VST instrument right. Also having to set the delay to an extreme value doesn’t feel so comforting either, what if I need more one day?

ok, from what I understand from your last post, looks like you’re trying to play MIDI and VSTI instruments together.

In that case, yes: you have to make the change you have made, in order to let them sound together.

However, if you will turn every MIDI instrument into a VSTi instrument (remember to set the “Instr.Setting => Midi Properties => Device” to “None”!), this retiming will be useless, of course.

If I could I would only use VSTi instruments but since I’m rather new I wasn’t able to find good sounding ones for the ones I need.

I only find one VSTi that sounds a little bit like a brass section but the midi sounds a lot better, I still don’t have a nice violin/cello/contrabass sound. I couldn’t even find a good drum sound yet (but I think I’ll do the drums with samples, as that seems the way it is supposed to be).

I did find a piano VST that sounds really good.

I also searched for samples of single notes ( I think they are called one shot samples ) so I could make an instrument out of it but they are really hard to find.

If I connect my computer to my yamaha synthesizer, do I still get the timing issues? Or do you guys use the “all VSTi” or “all MIDI” approach?

Thanks for the help

here it is a brief list of (mostly not free) VSTi’s I use

I use the extremely cheap but great TubiLeSax, though I think they do not sell it anymore, because it has been substituted by []]([/url)[/url], which in my opinion has a worse quality/price ratio.

Garritan Personal Orchestra is the less expensive solution around, still offering very good quality.

Kontakt using Battery Studio Drums CD collection. Quite costy, but high satisfaction. As a free alternative: Natural Studio

Kontakt using Bosendorfer 290

About the MIDI synth I don’t know, since I don’t have any, but it should not be a problem to set the delay to 50ms for that isntruments, after all, isn’t it?

I’m going to ask in the music store. I never bought anything online (besides cd’s) because I do not have a credit card. I’m going to ask in the store to buy me a copy of Renoise , they sell programs like cubase too (and I think they also sell VSTi effects and instruments ).

I think Renoise is rather special and a new way for me to get some things done (without waiting for my band to rehearse ) and I don’t mind the 50€ (especially if I see what they ask for cubase ).

If you have an online bank account, your bank might have a fake VISA, so can be called e-card, this way you donät have to go to the music store, I guess they would charge some inbetween money.