Delay With Filters

Does anyone know of any Delay vst/dsp effects that lets you decide what sort of filters you want on the delay?

Meaning, the dry sound will sound, well, dry (original) while the delay will have a filter applied to it.


Hoy Dufey :)
Well… there is this once shareware plugin who lets you apply cumulative filter on the delayed sound.
I have an installed copy of this db ProDelay
It also feature an auto-panning options that’s not bad at all :)
I don’t feel like this is the perfect solution but it’s definitely worth a look.
Note: I don’t really know if THIS prodelay I’m linking to is THE prodelay I’m talking you about… let’s say that I hope so :)
Note2: as I’m recently facing a track with a lot of delay I have found myself with the need of splitting the channel with a send_device but “keeping the original audio data”… and applying this ProDelay to the receiving channel. In this way your “send” slider amount will be responsible for applying the effect :)

I use E-Phonic RetroDelay all the time, it’s really nice (and free). I dunno if it’s exactly what you are looking for, but you can apply filters (and distortion, reverb, etc) to the delayed output. It also has a kind of lfo you can apply to the filter to make it sweep, and you can detune the delayed output as well.

i would warmly recommend ohmboyz by ohmforce…

Ohmboys is my favourite too ! Second that.
Warm filters + Lfo + panning

If you have OS X check out “Multi Delay”

Pretty awesome. (and free!)

Ohmboyz is crazy!!!

:lol: it’s a delay!

Looks like a 303 machine though… it’s crazy, I made some very shpongle-like delays with this thing… using one of the presets that is :unsure:

Now to learn how this works… :blink:

Thanks alot for the feedback! I’ve been looking for something like this forever! :dribble:

More Feedback Machine

Modular routing delay madness with a modulation sequencer.

for a more usual delay with filter and freeware, i’d recommend kjaerhus classic delay. infact the whole classic line shouldn’t be missed out by anyone IMHO.
particularly the classic auto-filter ist just gorgeous.

PSP Nitro does that and much more, but, helás, isn’t free.

Yai. Newer used PSP Nitro as just delay machine.
It’s more about complex filter and SFX plugin i thought <_<
But offcourse it can function as delay ;)

You can also achieve the classic filter delay effect with any filter/delay combination, utilizing the send tracks in Renoise.

Send the signal you want to effect into a send channel, select (in the sender meta device) that you want to let through the original dry signal, then insert a filter and a delay in the signal chain of the said send track and make the delay 100% wet. Now adjust the filter and the delay to suit your needs, and as a result you now have a completely dry signal with filtered delays coming in from the send track. Automate the filter parameters, and you might already have some pretty nice delay textures going on.

Also, it’s easy to construct a multi tap delay with individual filters for every tap (for example, delaying a certain bandpass range for a certain amount, then another, etc.) just by sending your dry signal into as many send tracks you need, set up the filter and the delay on each of them as above, and experiment with different settings on different send tracks.

Naturally, mixing and matching effects in this manner is an all-around good resource for new sound ideas, not just for filtered delays ;)

Pretty nice idea Nokatus !
BTW: Another great analog-like delay is: Analogflux Delay from Voxengo. Despite it’s quite CPU heavy

I’ve never used the send traxxx. I’ll try this!!!

Wow, Nokatus, thanx 4 ur idea again :)
After few experiments i’ve started brand new track!
Using send channels is cool feature i missed and forget about…

useless to remark, sendchannel is what I have been writing about as well… <_<