Delayed Notes Trigger Key/Velocity Trackers At Line Start

Shouldn’t delayed notes trigger the Key/Velocity Trackers when the note is actually played rather than just at the start of the line?


Yap. And also delayed OFF command should reset in the start-point of its delay value. (Because OFF-note can be delayed too). It will be audible when using Key Tracker for panning (when it sets pan amount it should play at the same time, and not with a delay).

Going deeper, GLIDE does not operate smoothly in the stereo field, it just starts within the note and directly on the PAN-point (set by the Key Tracker):

The delay is passed to the dest parameters instead of being applied in the key tracker’s input, which is necessary when chaining multiple meta effects.

If you’re for example setting a Gainer DSPs “gain” parameter as “Dest” parameter in your example, you’ll see how it gets delayed.

I unfortunately can’t follow you here. Is it possible to demonstrate the problem in a little example XRNS song?

That’s true but shouldn’t the meters be reacting to when the input is received, which will include the delay?

They ideally should, yes, but note delays are usually just delaying the input by a few milliseconds, so it mostly doesn’t really matter.

Fair enough, it would only be confusing in the extremely slow (with no Dest.) example shown in the video.

I went back to the setup that brought this to my attention and found something odd. The delayed change is correctly sent to Audio Effects (I assume all of them, I tested several), the Send, Multiband Send and Sidechain devices. But the change is not delayed for Line Input, ReWire Input, Doofer or any Meta device.

The meta devices will forward the delay. So if you connect the Key Tracker to some meta device and this one to some Audio FX, the delay should be applied there.

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