Delerium - Silence (sunmix)

yeah ! :drummer:

any comment welcome, no oosync this time ! :lol:

Very awesome!!

Perfect mastering! Excellent. Enjoyed it a lot.

lol i just remastered it a few mins ago, i guess you got that one :) (i think)
johann you should try it again the new remastered version is much better, i think.

hmm, I kinda like the old one better? hehe, don’t worry though, I only have headphones available and couldn’t master my way out of a wet paper bag :)

Umm… Waaay too loud? Waay too overcompressed? Ouch!

Perfect mastering?!? Ashkan go read up on the loudness war :)

… i still have the old version, just in case… :P

updated again, nothing short of “perfection” will satisfy me, and it was indeed too loud :P… now that i got my ears back i believe it’s better :)

hehe thx, but that last update should be good ;D

I didn’t consider the loudness, I liked the mix very very much though. Anyway it’s not fair to underestimate a mix just because it is loud… there’s always a volume on monitors :P

Hey Ashkan! (Chetory? ;) ) You’re right for sure but there is a situation when mixes will be considered “too loud”. That is when the compressor begins to pump (the main volume will be reduced in relation to the loudest element to avoid distortion). Masterings are considered “good” when someone manages to have a loud mix without making the compressor noteable. Note: That’s more than just normalizing. However after all that’s just a matter of taste. I love the pumping effect which you can hear in many French House songs and only few people would nag about the mastering in such tunes for example.

@sun: First time I’m hearing a Silence-remix with a different voice than the original. Where did you get the voice from?

Edit: Added a feature :)

i got it from , but i dont think it’s a “new” voice, i just changed the pitch slightly and added some fx, also the music its mapped on is quite different from the usual mix :) (i think), so that’s where you got the overall impression (i guess).

(Mamnoonam, man khoobam ;) ) Thanks for reminding.