Delete all note in all note columns

When I input chords I use 3 note columns in a track. Is there a command to delete notes in all 3 note columns at once? Say for example I have C-2 E-2 G-2 and I want to delete just these 3 notes. At the moment I have to hit Delete, Right, Delete, Right, Delete to get rid of the notes. Is there a command that will delete notes in all note columns for the current track row?

Maybe (if you don’t mind the FX columns cleared as well) the ALT and DEL key is a possibility(?)
If (more specialized) you do mind the FX columns been cleared I’d probably just write a few line one shot tool keyboard shortcut that clears the current line column(s).

Thanks again @4tey. I tried this ealier today and it didn’t work. I just reassigned it and it worked like a charm! I’m sure the assignment said “Alt + Del” rather than “Alt Del”… so maybe that’s why it didn’t work?

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‘Alt Del’ is the default assignment, so it’s more likely that you just didn’t have Edit Mode enabled the first time.

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