Delete note columns from left?

I’ve been trying to take a track with five note columns and separate it into five tracks. It seems that there’s no easy way to do this though. I can’t figure out how to delete a note column from the left, and I can’t figure out how to cut and paste entire note columns. Does Renoise do any of these things natively? Are there any scripts or tools I can download that will do this for me?

I can delete the notes from a column but can’t delete the actual column unless it’s the rightmost one. As it is now, I have what I want, but with a crapton of extra blank note columns.

Does this one work for what you want:

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by this, you have expanded a track to have more then one column and want to delete one of the columns? I know of alt+t marking a complete track, but I’m not sure there is a similar short-cut for columns enabling you to ctrl+x to cut the note events, you have to check the short cut list if it is available (edit/preferences/keys).

Maybe this tool can help as well? :

Although it broadens the selection completely to the left (or right) and not just inside a track with multiple columns, you could propose your wish as a feature :)/>.

I see what you want now…

Natively you can’t delete a column (with or without content) just like that, for your crapton example… you have to manually move the notes to the left and tick of the columns from the right one by one afaik. It would make a nice script suggestion though, ‘crop notes per track’ or something, removing redundant columns, maybe it already exists?

I think instead of relying on a lot of columns in one track it would help if you just spread out your events across multiple tracks, you can later group the tracks if you want to have more control ( for example using this tool: Group Selected Tracks | Renoise ).

I’m pretty sure there is a shortcut for Cut Note Column but I’m not on a computer with Renoise installed at the moment and the Default Keyboard Shortcuts pages appears to have been removed (links are still in the pdf manual but not the tutorial pages.) Also not 100% sure this listed the ones that were not assigned by default anyway…

But I think you will want to work from right to left in the columns to save yourself the work associated with the fact columns get added or removed from the right had side…

I would be interested in this as well, since I would like to incorporate deleting the “left” unfilled note columns after splitting in my “split into separate tracks” tool, too.

that tool doesn’t leave empty columns on the left hand side of the track though does it?

[ctrl/cmd]-[left shift] + [left arrow] is the shortcut to do this manually.
There is a tool that does remove empty notecolumns. If you are a bit handy with Lua, you could save the main.lua from that tool under a different name in the track separator and then import that renamed lua file into the track splitter tool.
Add a reference to call the main routine from the set active track script and it combines the two.

The shortcut deletes the rightmost column.

That tool is a dead link :(

Some tools were corrupting the tools database thus were left out. If you find a dead link, contact the tool author (same name as the boardname) that his tool disappeared. They may reupload them again.

Can we please have this functionality in 3.1 final? At least let us delete empty note columns no matter where they are.

A simple “delete_all_empty_note_columns()” method on a track would do.

Please!!! The “Split into separate Tracks” tool would benefit tremendously from this.