delete note? move note up or down?

I used to write tracked music years ago in the days of scream tracker and impulse tracker. so it has been a while.

I know how to program notes into a track, but what seems to elude me is how to remove a note, or move a note down. I’ve discovered that pushing backspace will delete the note and move everything else up… but insert seems to open the VST instrument that I’m currently using. Also, the caps-lock “off” setting just stops playing the note, and doesn’t accomplish what I’m looking to do.

Any advice for a somewhat newbie?


Backspace will do that, but delete should simply remove the note. Perhaps you are you on OSX, without a full-size keyboard?
Try opening Preferences > Keys and search for “Clear Current Note” - you can assign a new shortcut if needed.

Eh??? Anyone know what’s going on here?

Well, it IS supposed to insert a note-off in the pattern editor, or stop the note if you’re not in edit mode. What are you trying to do?
Note that you can press shift to force a note-off for every position. Otherwise, it will only clear any previous note-offs in the same column - a.k.a. “smart note-off”.
Oh, and combine this with CMD/CTRL to output across all note columns in the current track.

… but insert seems to open the VST instrument that I’m currently using.

This is a bit of long shot, but are you sure you are pressing Insert and not something else? I briefly had that problem on a new laptop where Insert was Function + Delete, but it looked like Shift + Delete. Threw me off for a bit. :wink: