Delete&Sort Unused Samples/Instruments

hi there!

i wonder why there is no option to delete&sort samples like in the pattern editor, maybe ive overseen this ? cant find anything in the manual.

so, it would be nice to have such an option! i have some tracks with a lot of samples here, and sort them by hand is a lot of work :)


edit => delete all unused samples

yes i know, but there is nothing to sort them !

i like to have an option to delete and sort them with just one klick :)

You still end up with gaps in the Instrument list.

I have been meaning to suggest since I entered a competition a few months ago and cleaning unused samples left me with less than a quarter of the slots filled and with samples scattered. Bit of a pain to be honest, deleting unused samples should move everything to first instrument/sample slots.

Sort how? Biggest to smallest?

For now, I have a PHP script that does that.

I think he means “arrange”, not “sort”, id est: removing the blank spaces while preserving the current order of the remaining samples

exacly ! but isn´t this some kind of sort ? it`s the same like sort and delete unused pattern, isn´t it ?

…my english :D