delete specified column

How to remove spacified/active column from track command?

The first place where I looked it was right click menu.
+/- signs always remove last column.

The only solution I found is to: cut-paste-cut-paste-cut-paste… remove last.

there is indeed no way to do this.

seems a good idea for a new tool, although this should be a standard feature.

I wonder why it never happened to me to need this feature

It’s not available in the Lua API either! It’s very annoying.

http://www.renoise.c…-active-columns ?

Ledger only needs to reupload the last 2.8 version, he might as well can add a sort algorithm to clean out empty columns in between as well.

What? With your advanced stuff and you never thought of needing this feature?
This was really one of the features i hoped would arrive in 3.0, but then i got busy with all the awesome new stuff and forgot about it. :P

Edit: wait a sec. we’re talking about the vol/pan/del columns right? That’s not what this about no, think i wanted to read something else there for a short moment. :rolleyes:

It-Alien, its not needed that much but…

Since Renoise 3 I more and more use 1 track per 1 instrument…

and easy management (reorder/delete) of columns would be nice.

Its nice topic for lua tool (anyone?) but sooner or later it should be bundled with maybe some drag/drop.

its rather not a script candidate but there is a little empty space on the right of play/off column switch button

its rather feature request for future realese, maybe move it there?

ehh i always thought that those where add, remove not show, hide buttons my bad

TheBellows: maybe in your case some mouse selecting could be better, becouse vol/pan/del are part of a column

A tool could be written to add menu entries and shortcuts to do what you want with note, vol, pan, dly and fx columns. It would probably be rather slow with bigger songs, though.

Yes, please. :)