Delete Unused Samples


Another one in my endless (so it seems) stream of questions: Is it possible to remove every onused sample from a project?

For instance I have a multi-sampled piano where I only use a few notes, and I’d like to get rid of the extra samples not used (figure I can always load the original instrument again, should I need notes in other ranges)…

Yes. Go to the Edit menu and you have Delete All Unused Instruments and Delete All Unused Patterns.

Don’t think this will remove samples from within a multisample instrument, if that’s what you want to do though…

No, there is no option to scan the whole song and then remove samples that are not used…
But a good thing you bring up the question, which makes me to bump a reminder somewhere else :)


Ok, should I look for this in future versions?

Don’t worry, it is worth the wait yes, it’s already on the list of small updates and additions, i thought we missed this one, but fortunately not.