Delete unused samples

…in renoise 3. where did it go? no longer available? and I mean samples, not instruments.
as I find myself creating more and more instruments these days, I really miss this feature. Example of good use:

  • Load a 10mb XRNI crammed with, let’s say ride cymbals.
  • play around, and quickly find the one you want
  • Quickly delete all the 107 rides you no longer need.

if it’s gone, any chance of getting it back?

btw, a better example and scenario (^ first example is fairly easy even without this feature):
let’s say you have a project containing several huge xrnis, and each of them containing many different samples. you’ve used 4 samples from this one, 3 from that one, and so on… and if you now want to get rid of all the unused samples, you have to manually go through each XRNI to find out what’s not being used. bit of a pain.

Is the feature gone, or has it perhaps been moved to some context/sub-menu I can’t find?

it was removed, maybe there is already a script alternative?

hm no scripts for this yet it seems.
i definitely think this should be a native feature, like it has been all the way up to 3.0.

Mods: can you move this to the ideas and suggestions forum instead?

I didn’t notice this feature was gone, why was it removed in the first place?

Because users apparently can’t handle empty spots in the sample list of an instrument?

Hmmm, it’s not like you have to delete your samples though, it’s a choice. You meant in other peoples tracks maybe? If you ask me i think they should learn to live with it. ;)

I just discovered this missing feature today :( I’ve got my SD Compo entry all finished up and I can’t streamline the XRNS without having to go through sampled instruments and manually remove samples I’m not using…?!

So yeah. Bump.

It was removed and the removal was explained by Taktik

Oh I see.
Well, the manual way it is, then.
Or better learn LUA and make it myself :clownstep:

learn LUA and make it myself :clownstep:


At least we should be able to rightclick in the samples window (i mean inside the sampler menu) and choose “delete unused samples”. This way it wouldn’t be something you do by mistake. :slight_smile: