Delete Unused Tracks?

Similar to the delete unused instruments and patterns. Is there one?

Would be handy for the smaller screen tracking and cleaning up finished songs


Come on, do not be so lazy ;)
Just scroll via pattern editor through your song and keep an eye of the track you think it is unused and delete it.

But, what I would find handy is physically deleting (not only clearing) a column (unused or not) in the whole song.
Sometimes when I mix two instruments in one track, it appears that I would like to split them later on into two tracks to give them different effects/EQ etc.
The Duplicate-Track function helps, but when I am clearing the columns, there is say the first column of the track empty and the second with notes I want to keep. Then I would like to physically delete the first empty column to save space on the screen.
(Another way to fix that would be a copy/paste column of whole song)

It’s a very valid suggestion. One could reply in the same way to your suggestion.

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No because you can delete tracks physically but not columns.

Besides, see the smiley and my sentence as suggestion for a quick workaround.

How about a function “Delete unused Tracks and columns”?

But you can copy the column to the first column and then delete the last column. My point still stands, unsurprisingly.

Not that I’m against a feature that deletes unused columns, but this “I don’t need this, you can use a workaround, so how about something else instead?” is a disease on these forums, hence my reaction.

Its not so easy to find out if a track is really unused. Just the fact that there are no notes is not a guarantee that the track produces no sound. For example VSTs which their own sequencers or automation can produce sound on their own. Hence this option is not yet there…

+1 for BOTH of your suggestions :P

Although, hang on there might be a ** delicious workaround ** for Johann’s suggestion… <just kidding :D>