Deleting Markers Also Deletes Existing Notes?

Not sure if it’s abug or intentional , but when slicing a loop , then enter some notes , then deleting some markers also deletes the note assigned to that marker …( you have to delete te markers individually )
I think the user should decide if the corresponding notes get deleted or not

Notes that play slices are automatically updated by Renoise as soon as you rearrange the slices. This was meant as a helpful feature, so that you can change the slices after having already used them in the song. We can’t do this without deleting notes.

See also Disable Ghost Samples (Readonly Keymaps For Slices) please

asking the user what to do with the notes wouldn’t hurt

Asking every time you delete a marker for sure is annoying as hell. How else should we “ask” then?

just an aption that says ’ delete note with markers ’

sometimes I just add markers( way too many ) and then delete some markers , at that point it gets confusing wheter certain notes are deleted or not