Deleting Note Columns

Please could someone tell me how to delete note columns?

I put a bunch of note columns in to play with some chord inversion ideas and now I have several blank/empty columns and I simply want to remove them. I have looked everywhere but obviously not in the right place!

The hyponogogic hallucinations (due to lack of sleep/chemicals to keep you awake) are making it harder to see the screen now. Must…finish…track…!

Use the [+] and [-] buttons found in the upper left corner of each track in the pattern editor.

See the manual for more general information:

It’s currently only possible to add or remove the last column in a track, so if your note data is scattered around the columns, then you will need to rearrange it first.

If you have note columns like: used, used, empty, used, empty, used

You should rearrange them to : used, used, used, used, empty, empty

Then you can delete the remaining 2 empty columns.

You can use the column cut/copy/paste shortcuts to speed this up:

Cut column: LCTRL + LSHIFT + F3
Copy column: LCTRL + LSHIFT + F4
Paste column: LCTRL + LSHIFT + F5

(These are for Windows. I’m not 100% sure about the Mac equivalents, but I assume they’re the same)

Or you can simply mark a selection and then drag’n’drop it into place. Just depends on how you prefer to work, really.

Ahh, I see. Or I didn’t, as in this case. Upper [u][i]LEFT[/u][/i] corner. D’oh! :rolleyes:

Now that was worth asking the original question for! Very useful; much tidier

Many thanks for your time!