Deleting Notes And Their Volumes?

Hello… my first post here.

I’m an ex-Protracker user, just getting back into tracking with Renoise on my Mac. I’m using it primarily with my MIDI gear, and I have to say it’s FANTASTIC software. Works smoothly on my Mac, has lots of excellent features, and also a clean well-designed interface.

BUT! I’m having one simple problem that’s making Renoise very frustrating to use.

Delete doesn’t seem to remove the volume of the selected note! I’ve tried different key-bindings, but none of them give me a simple “delete this note and its volume entry”. I’m having to resort to deleting the track row (i.e. the contents below all shift up), and then inserting a new row every time I want to delete something. This of course also destroys multiple notes contained with the same track.

Is there something I’m missing? Is this a bug in the Mac version? If it isn’t a bug, then how do other Renoise users delete volumes? How do you prevent your patterns from becoming littered with irrelevant volume entries?

Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the forum :)

This is one thing that has annoyed me too, and afaik it’s not possible. I have also requested this before. A new shortcut to delete note+volume+panning seems like a reasonable addition. It can even be unmapped by default if there are no good key combos left.

Btw, thanks for the remove/insert line tip! I’ve never thought of this before… I usually delete first the note and then the volume. But you say this removes all column notes… there is a way to remove/insert notes just on the current column:

LCtrl+LShift+backspace and LCtrl+LShift+insert

There is also a shortcut for removing all notes and effects: LAlt+delete.

to delete a single note, plus note and panning column, I’m used to do this:

CTRL+B, CTRL+E to make a selection of a single note+v+p

ALT+F3 to delete the selection.


thanks for the [b+LAlt+delete[/b] tip

Absolutely agree with this suggestion!

Thanks for the replies!

Well, it seems that it’s not just me. It seems strange that this is not a standard feature available for key binding. I mean, how do veteran Renoise users delete? Do they leave unused volumes all over the place? I don’t get it…

I guess I’m just used to the way Protracker did it, where pressing ‘delete’ simply resets the note and volume/effect settings to blank. It just seems so logical that way. I personally can’t think of a situation where I’d want to remove just the notes and keep the volume settings there. So I find it a little strange that the Renoise developers have opted for this method of deleting as default, and have not provided a way to delete note and effect settings at the same time.

Anyway, other than this Renoise is great. I love the interface design. It just looks so… so… TRACKER! I’m just praying for this “delete note+effect settings” option to be implemented in the next version. Then I’ll be completely converted!

I was using Protracker as well, and deleting note+vol/efx was not possible with the key del by default but with a shortcut (shift+del). Also the efx only could be deleted (Alt+del). I have deleted in Renoise a note+efx by hand like Johan., but new shortcuts would be really great!
But I think the delete-key should stay like it is, no default-setting “delete-all”. I am working a lot with notes+effects, and there a lot of commands without notes (just think of a gater-effect with alternating volumes 00 and 3F the whole pattern). It would destroy the workflow.

So in renoise, we would have three shortcuts:

  • deleting note+volume (shift-del)
  • deleting volume only (alt-del)
  • deleting note only (del, default)

Problem is, we have up to 1…n effectcolums per track. How adress them? Maybe shift+alt+del deletes all effects in the row.

Was that how it was? It’s been a long time since I’ve used Protracker… but I thought that pressing delete over a note deleted the note and its effects settings? I guess I must have remembered wrong… never mind!

I’ve recently found what the problem is, and it is a bug!

With the default keybindings, on the Mac keyboard the Backspace key will delete any note or effects command under it (“DeleteCurrentNote” in the keybindings). Conversely the Delete key will remove the entire line, and shift the contents below upwards (“DeleteCurrentRow” in the keybindings). If you try to swap these two keybindings around so that the Delete key (right above the arrow keys… easier to access) is “DeleteCurrentNote”, then the delete key will delete notes but NOT effect or volume commands! This explains why I have been having such a hard time deleting volume entries, because I remapped the Delete key to “DeleteCurrentNote” and was experiencing this problem!

I guess I’d better report this in the Bug Report section.

Do we really need a shortcut for delete volume only? I would say this is overkill. I mean, it can be done by simply pressing delete when the cursor is at the volume column.

I would say default should be:
note+volume (del,default) Because in 99% you don’t wont to have the volume left, and if you do
then you can press shift+del to only delete the note.

No need to have a shortcut for only deleting the volume.

This is one update I think would make the program much more intuitive, still it should not be to much work to code.

I would like to see this maybe even in a small update.