Deleting Notes Causes Nudging

I was wondering how to stop the notes from nudging upward when I press delete on any point of the track. I’m on vista right now, I’m used to using renoise on OSX and it doesn’t do that.

Use the Delete key instead of the Backspace key. (Assuming you have not remapped those keys yourself at some point)

Thank you!

I was wondering about the same thing… This hasn’t always been like this right? Is there a way to disable the nudging?I honestly can not think of a situation where I would want to have everything I entered moved up 1 line by deleting something…

It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. Insert will shift things down, Backspace will shift things up (and delete the pattern line in the process), and Delete will delete without shifting anything. It’s never been a big deal for me personally, but you could remap the shortcut keys if you prefer to use Backspace for some reason?

Del key or use the del/ins key to only nudge subcolumns. The function has a reason, specially regarding subcolumn manipulation can some times be very handy , e.g. correcting recorded timing mistakes of notes in subcolumns.