Deleting One Channel In Stereo Mode


Im in the process of cutting up some beats and with that having a stereo sample with the right channel beeing the one i want. However it doesnt seem to be any way of deleting the left one, aside from making the whole sample mono and then it only keeps one of them, not mixing them together. Ai ai, back to wavelab.

would this be a feature?

and yes i’ve paid for the software :)


The Sample editor in renoise sure as h*ll needs some improvment’s but i suspect that it doesn’t have a very high priority at the moment.

When converting a sample to ‘mono’ there could be options to discard left or right track, so actually the option does what it says, makes it a mono sample by mixing the left/right channels.

Other options could include ‘split’ left/right to separate samples within the instrument.
And to reverse it ‘merge alls instrument samples’ to a mono/strereo sample.

And well, a new ‘type’ of sample usage(when mixing them) could be included, ‘modulator sample’. Load a basic ‘loop’ into sample slot #1, load a for example a ‘Sine wave’ to sample Slot #2, when mixing use slot #2 to FM/AM/PM/Distort/Wrap/Multiply/subtract etc. the sample in slot #1. (This is where the already suggested waveform-generator & hand drawing of samples comes in). This Modulator sample idea could also in the future be turned into a ‘realtime’ feature and voila, plenty of synthesis power is added.

It’s early in the morning so the modulatorsample idea may sound insane, sorry 'bout that.

There’s a workaround. Probably quicker to do it in another editor, but anyway…

Add a panner effect panned to the rightmost in a track. Then add a stereo expander effect after it, set it to 0 (mono) and finally apply track fx to the sample in the sample editor.

Or just how about panning out the unwanted channel in the sample props, put the basenote referencing the instrument in the track, select the minimum amount of rows required to play the complete sample and render that selection to a new sample.

lol ill stick to wavelab and dedicate my time to the actual making of the music :)


Switching between programs to do simple stuff is just pain in the a**, and it’s also a good way to kill creative & spontaneous ideas.

I mean, you have the sample in renoise, decide to do some editing, you have to save the sample to disk start your audio editor edit the sample,load back it into renoise, arrgghhhhhhhh.

I see renoise more like a ‘workstation’ where stuff can be done without too much assistance of external apps. This is the way trackers used to work in the early days with integrated sampling and simple editing of the recorded sounds, the editing capabilities grew with later versions.(I’d kill for simple sampling in renoise, it’s a very quick way to get in some sounds from external devices, microphones, synths without the need of other apps that makes one loose focus of what one is doing.

Now if renoise was able to use a global clipboard to transport samples between apps it would be another issue, copy a sample in renoise, switch to sample editor, paste the sample, do some editing, copy the sample switch back to renoise and paste it back to renoise.

Usually, when you pick samples to use in Renoise, you usually did the fancy editing stuph in wavelabs and that kind of sorts already.
Any raw sample-editing i require in Renoise are quick removals of wrong interpreted header-infos, pre and post gaps, no more.

If there are any issues causing me to really switch from within Renoise to an external editor, it’s mostly because of vocal samples with a timing attitude.
Frankly:i don’t care about those moments either, they don’t demotivate me anymore above the fact that the unfitting sample itself causes the irritation in the first place.

yea, the point of me even posting this topic was the i kinda like the notion that everything should be done inside the tracker, specially editing samples, sampling and other neat stuff like importing mp3’s :)

Exiting renoise to do some work with samples can sometimes demotivate me, but usually its not a big problem, however, as said, having a tracker that supports the full spectre of problems is mainly the reason why i went from whackertracker, to ft, to ft2, to skale and then landed on renoise. And with paying for it im hoping that i can somewhat contribute to the direction of what my needs are.

i’ve just eaten a 200gram steak so my english might be juicy, sorry for that.