Demo Song Submission?

good day.

i’d like to ask who i have to ask if i want to offer/submit a song
which gets shipped with renoise as demo song.

it’s a small file, only 48k. it uses lots of renoise inbuild effects and such.

hit me!


/me slaps Teis around with a large trout

so no interests?? :)

interested in what? cool demo songs? I guess the answer to that would/should be “always interested in that, can’t hurt”.

or interested in your particular song? well… how would they know before you uploaded it somewhere? :)

ah yeah … the url

Demo song, ogg…hm…

Not sure if they will use it as a demo song when it is called “yo dicks” :P

p.s. is the melody that kicks in at 1.05 ment to be out of tune? it sounds a bit anoying imo…

doesn’t realy match the base. track is alright tho’

I’d rather like to see more … well … like … not rave/house/techno/electro/break/jungle … wait, jungle is alright … demotracks shipped with renoise.


floats mah boat! though when the bleep thing gets sparse, that’s the point where I expected/wanted it to double up or something.

yeah, don’t get sued or anything, it might get mixed up.

Demosongs are only selected by renoise backstage members (maybe) in order to make your song as the demosong. You don’t let your tune be the one as the demosong but the backstage members makes their decision (Just like Hunz’ Soon 2x, he didn’t tell taktik or the other members to make his xrns as the demosong but they’ve decided that it must be selected at the demosong) . Plus, make sure your song is clear enough for the beginners to understand not to got noticed.