Demo Songs: Excessive?

At what point do we limit the addition of demo songs in the Renoise download? Have we too many songs, or too few? Is the size of the download an issue? Are some of the demo songs ‘out of date’? Are the songs necessarily the best examples we have to offer?

A possible alternative I was considering: Per the version cycle (1.x or 2.x) we have a small number (3-4) of new demo songs that come with the download. Within Renoise’s ‘Help’ menu there can be a link to a “Renoise Expansion Pack” which can be downloaded from this site. This pack includes all the old demos songs, plus a host of other exemplary xrns songs, plus installers for handy xrns extension applications.

Preferable? Ideas?

Size of download is nothing compared to other audio software + with the introduction of the .flac compression the songs take up even a smaller amount of hd space when installed, 3.41 mb! :) On a hd of 300 gb that’s hardly felt. Downloading extra tracks online would be cool tho, maybe if the idea of artist pages on the renoise website will ever become a reality, those artists can submit demosongs, that would be cool.

Aren’t the songs and demo files compressed as .ogg? I.E. ridiculously small?

Because everyone and their mom uses VST and VSTi these days, it’s hard to make a song worthy of demo. I still think Beatbattles are the best place to find material for newbies because you get to see different styles instead of just sanctioned styles, but as the demos and included songs are so small I don’t think it’s a big deal.

yes, the download pack size would not benefit much from removing a couple of songs; you should remove all of them…

Cool. I’m personally not against the songs myself, but merely raising the possible questions.

Perhaps then we need to expand on this website’s Downloads section?