(Demo)The Lost Tango(Katerina Vaiou ft PanosK)

Hello you guys!!So i am working on a new song, music by Katerina Vaiou lyrics and singing producing by me.I stumbled on her instrumental in soundcloud and it hit me right in the heart.In a matter of minutes i wrote the lyrics and new how i wanted it to be.Dont mind the mix it will be fixed soon all i want to know is if you like the structure. Also i have sang some lyrics wrong in the begging and there is a mixture of Greek and English lyrics.

stop don’t move a muscle
stop dont even breathe
i want to see you one more time
i want to touch you one last time

Ξερω οτι βιαζεσαι να φυγεις(I know you are in a hurry to go)
Ξερεις ομως θα θελα να μεινεις…(But you know i want you to stay)

Please one more dance one last dance
time is running out for me and you again
Please one more dance one last dance
time is running out for us at last we re free?!
At last…?!

(I know that no matter how many years pass i left a mark in your heart)
Ξερω πως ομως οσα χρονια και αν περασουν
εχει σφραγιδα ανεξιτηλη η καρδια σου

(But I know sadly that what we had is gone for ever)
Ξερω πως ομως οσα χρονια και να ζησω
οτι και αν ειχαμε δεν θα γυρισει πισω


Very nice, you’ve found inspiration and a right place singing :slight_smile: The whole song its lovely and very romantic, also the Greek part its perfect giving a deepest feeling.
I’ll wait your mix, cos I’ll like to hear your voice more clearly :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your kind words

Wow, did you recreate the music from virtual instruments? It sounds amazingly similar to the original. I like the structure – it keeps the sense of drama throughout. Will check the final version too. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t recreate the song i wrote my vocals on the sound-file that i downloaded from soundcloud after chopping it to my liking.The thing is that she does not have the project file anymore so i will have to mix only with the sound file from soundcloud .Thanks for listening