Demo Timelimit

Hi. Just started toying around with Renoise as a new user eventhough I have roughly 20 years experience with trackers. Got lots of hints and tips from irc, thanks guys for the help. One quick question, I know wav-write is disabled in demoversion, and there apparently is a timelimit in demoversion too. How long is this timelimit, cant seem to find this stated anywhere.


Hooligan/Dual Crew & Shining

you can use the non registered version as long as you want, there is no time limit.

the only time limited versions are the beta ones, which normally have a time limit of one month, during which a new beta version usually gets released

Ace. Thanks guys

I’ve been working with that for over 200 hours :P

You could do what some plugins do, pump the volume up and down every two seconds.
Very irritating…on the other hand I think most will just get rid of Renoise then :D