Dear all of you

This is a demo for my not very active rock band. The way we usually go about it is we re-record all the instruments we know how to play (guitars, keyboards) except if the Renoise version of it sounds fine, then add vocals. Since my band is now in, let us say, a relaxed phase, I thought I’d let you hear it.

I’ll take it down after a few days, though. I am not 100% comfortable with making demos available to everybody.

Lemme know if you think it has potential, or if you’d like to sing something over it or whatever.

Peace & love.

it’s okay. maybe you let us listen to the vocal-version. this is raw.

There will probably never be a vocal version, unless I do it myself. I wish I knew someone who could sing…

Turns out one of my friends is a singer. I had no idea. And she likes the song too! Now all we need are lyrics and to borrow my friend’s cardoid mic.

Definitely has potential :) Will this be a love song then?