Demoscene Document

Surprised that nobody has posted this document here, tho those who were at assembly 2010 probably have already seen it. Anyhow its about creation of Future Crews most famous demo Second Reality.

thanks for sharing, it has been very nice to see it

Great video, thanks for sharing.

Seen, but not heard - they turn the sound off on the screens around the building at Assembly in case any of the Counter Strike players get distracted ;) I did catch a snatch of the Second Reality music just before we went on air with one of the compostudios, though, and I was still humming it when we went live :)

There’s a brief mention of Renoise in the chapter dedicated to demoscene music:

It’s something like this: “the 90’s was the trackers era, the last great tracker was Impulse Tracker… and there’s Renoise, which is a commercial product…”

Anyway, great to see legends such as Purple Motion talking about how they wrote their first tracker song in paper :yeah:

youtube is too slow today for me, so I can’t manage to find this sentence in the video. anyway, it looks like a critique to Renoise because it is not free. Maybe he forgets that FastTracker and ImpulseTracker were not free either. Plus, Renoise demo is enough for demoscene composing.

if instead with “commercial” he means that it does load 32bit stereo files, support VST plugins and does not crash, well, then it is commercial ;)

edit: Ok, I have found the phrase. He then says “the golden age of trackers has passed and we moved on to other ways of making music”, which I believe it means he is using a commercial product to compose his music. well, I really don’t understand what his point is…

Am I really the only one that does not understand what the hell is said in the clip?.. Its Finnish or something?


Ahhh, at youtube you can put on the subs…