Demoscene, Musicdisk

I was wondering what I should do to have a track in a demo. Or how can I create a musicdisk (Mp3, OGG) the easy way? I am familiar with Delphi (somehow) and C++ (less…) but ain’t there a tool for stuff like Musicdiscs?

So - and who do I have to f.xk to get my music in a megademo ?

in order to let your music be soundtrack of a demo, you should join a demogroup.

the best way to find a group is probably contacting people on IRC chat network (#thescene on IRCnet, for example) asking if someone needs a musician, and then let interested people listen to something yours.

I don’t know about musicdisk tools.
If I were you, I would have simply made an HTML page which links to “XmPlay track##.ogg”, but I really love to be minimalistic in these situations :)

Yeah :) I also thought about creating a music-disc in flash but that’s not the same. I want to work with scrollers and stuff like this. But I got a reply in - I should code myself with BASS and SDL…