Demosong - Neurotix - Nivi V.2.0

Back in version 2.0 Neurotix had the Demosong Nivi. I hope most are familliar with this. It clearly states that no instruments are use and all that good stuff… but the question remains… How the fuck he do it?!?! lol … I’m sure some of you out there know, which is why im asking. I was REALLY taken back by his track… not that this is the first time HEARING it up just been on my mind l8tly. Oh and to neurotix bro, good shit! Thanks. [center]

the author wrote about it here

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Hehe… Trying old Renoise versions for the first time and just stumbled over this track. That’s completely crazy :slight_smile: … I was looking for the samples, but there are no instruments at all. A piece of art, completely worse to necro-bump after 10 years :rofl:

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it is isnt it! <3 I was actually JUST thinking about this not to long ago =P