Demosong Remix: The Masquerade

Hi all,

Here’s a remix of Keith303’s “The Masquerade”, with natively generated sound instead of sampled instruments.
Will also post a soundcloud link, but the thing takes ages to upload as I rendered it in 32 bit, 48khz


Download XRNS (2109kb)

Very interesting :)

It’s far too CPU intensive to play on my old laptop, but I did manage to listen to some of the individual sounds and various elements. Nice work.

yeah, nice1!

You took a Keith303 song for a remix, inspired by Dblue’s magic techniques in the tips & tricks section that he allegedly plagiarized from Matt lol :wink: , if I’ll sample this the world will explode.

Very awesome.

Yeah, the native synth technique is a little CPU intensive, and combined with all the additional effects it get’s kind of heavy.

Soundcloud link coming shortly!

Ironically, I find it to be significantly less intensive than quite a few VSTi plugins I use. Even some very simple VSTi’s playing an initial monophonic sawtooth sound with nothing else enabled, they tend to use more CPU than the equivalent sound using the Renoise techniques. So when it comes to basic synth basses and things like that, I’m definitely going to be using this technique in Renoise instead of using a plugin :)

@dblue: what I meant is, it’s heavier than using sampled instruments

very intersting indeed.
unique sound design you got there going on. overall soundstage is pleasantly wide and sonically it’s pretty clinically clean and tidy, which i like.
regarding the actual musical content, i think your remix takes a really intelligent approach on the original song.
i absolutely dislike remixes where you have problems to either hear the similarities or the difference compared to the original.
you managed to hit the proper balance between the two extremes by taking enough content from the original whilst adding not too few new ideas and arrangement deviation.

so i think this is really cool and am grateful that you took your time to put one of my songs into a different perspective. :)
i’d like to link this on my page if you don’t mind.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. Way too many remixes lift about 10% of the original and put it into some half-baked song that the remixer already had floating around on his harddrive. Remixing is INTERPRETATION, dammit!

Coming from you, that means a lot. Thanks!!

Of course not! Consider it your song, to do as you please with it.

On a sidenote: this isn’t the first time I’ve remixed your stuff. But I sometimes wonder why it’s not something we see/hear more often in places like this - after all, swapping music is part of the tracker music heritage?

Grrr. Seems I would have to upgrade to the latest SoundForge Audio Studio to be able to open 32bit files in it… :-/