Den&bass : Cylons/

there was this “influenza media remix contest” at the start of the month. i took the samples, didnt liked them very much but finally turned these in something cool by tweaking a lot and adding extra things on them. i went out of schedule to enter the competition, but i quite like the track, so have a listen, i think its worth it.

its rather soft dnb with chopped jungle amens in it, resulting in some kind of styles mashup. some like, some dont, as always. in my opinion its very nice…of course

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Can tell there are some mixing issues, but these can be easily fixed with some proper compression/levelling I think. Some of the sounds don’t come through well, like the beats compared to the muddy bass or later on, that high pitched synth ‘melody’. Sounds like you got to much reverb on top of the main bass-blobs as well?

Up the volume of the amen and it’ll already make a bigger impact. Wouldn’t hurt to process the sounds over time some more also.