Denis Dubiella (DDspeed) - August Rain

It’s become a rather rare occurence for me to actually use Renoise, which is why I don’t visit the forums as much as I used to, but today I just made a song in one long sitting. It’s written in a bit lazy way and you can probably hear that, but I knew I wouldn’t have time to nurture it further in the foreseeable future, so I decided to go with the flow. Besides, my computer is getting old, and it just barely allowed me to play the song back (with some crackling throughout), which didn’t make working on it any easier. Considering that I’m using mostly pretty basic synths and effects, I guess I really ought to invest in a new computer.

It’s a pretty chilly song, much like the weather here in Warsaw.

Hope you like it.

I like it.
It would be great music for some scifi arcade game, it has beautiful atmosphere.