Deprecated Stutter Effect, Please Reinstate Fully?


So, I’ve been pestering the board for an effect that does this here (watch the red portion):

After much experimenting, I figured out how to get the deprecated Stutter effect to mostly do this. It’s pretty much the same, less the ability to automate the movement of the read/write head. Also, because it seems to be delay-based, versus just moving an automated playhead, there are some delay artefacts depending the settings (phasing/lo-fi sound).

With the Stutter effect and two LFOs, I can get the effect to

  1. Loop small segments of audio
  2. Change the size of the playhead

Stuff those into a Doofer, and it’s ready-to-go whenever I need it.

As you know, Stutter is not at all the same as the Repeater. It’s much more adjustable, subtle, and softer on the ear due to the dry / wet effect level settings.

What I’m asking for is for the Stutter effect to actually be moved back to the regular effects. No other effect, no matter how much I modulate it with LFOs does what the Stutter effect does. It’s excellent for ambient flittering of audio, and is actually a fairly advanced tool to use properly. It’s not a toy.

If the capability of reversing the audio were added into this effect it would be optimal for creating ambient washes / haze. If it used a buffer and a moveable audio head instead of delay, it would be able to do even more, such as pitch-shifting (and it would get rid of the lo-fi and phasing). Pair that with the time-stretching that’s been attached recently, we’d quickly move into some even more amazing audio effects (especially if that could become an effect in it’s own right).

Please reinstate the Stutter effect? I have been using it via the plugin. It really shouldn’t be hidden, though. It’s very valuable.


interestting stuff n bit over my head - cant yu make a simple Doofy of this??:smiley:


Well, I can tell you how, as I’m still experimenting to get a nicer-sounding version of this. It’s probably better that you build it yourself, very very easy and you’ll get the sound you’re looking for from it.

First thing’s first. You’ll need to download this:

Next, you’ll have to find the “Stutter” effect (read the plugin’s forum entry).

Then, you’ll have to set up two LFOs.

  • One LFO to control “Repeat”
  • One LFO to control “Skew”

Or you can just set the “Repeat” at say 1.025, and just fool around with the “Skew”. Skew basically seems to adjust the size of the playhead (like the red highlighted spot in the video). When using the LFO to do that, setting the Amplitude and Offset to lower values gives a nice fine control of the audio playback, more granular than giant blocks of skipping. Add LFOs to other LFO variables to get even more control of speed and fine-tuning. At its simplest, it can get by with only the effect and one LFO.

Good luck!

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Cool mann this is very very helpful as the new chorus doesnt work withUTTrMANN Doofer - perfekt workaaround. Dank AND will Do some Glitchexperiment with yur Advises!!

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