Derek C. F. Pegritz'S "Dr. Harkness Locrian (Short Version)&#3

Heya, folks! I’ve recently been experimenting using Renoise to produce classical music, and this little piece–a part from a much longer work based on Thomas Ligotti’s short story “Dr. Locrian’s Asylum”–is a good example of the results I’ve gotten thus far. It’s pretty simple, and uses only Native Instruments’ Akoustik Piano, Absynth 2 and 5, and Camel Audio’s Cameleon 5000 softsynth. I’d like to see what y’all think, as I’m gradually moving toward incorporating more classical music orchestration and sounds in my work to give it more breadth. You can check it out over on my Soundcloud page!.

As always, ALL suggestions, comments, death threats, etc. are welcome!

I like it, nice dark, yet bit relaxed atmosphere.

I hardly would qualify this as a classic music though, more like Dark Wave.

I was actually looking for a VST piano that had the tinny sound of this old broken-down piano that I found in an abandoned hospital in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. It was beaten to hell and back, mice were living in it, and half the keys were missing…but it was remarkably still in tune (well, in tune enough). I wrote this piece with that spooky old relic in mind. I think I’m going to add some vinyl crackle and filtering to it to make it sound like an old Victrola recording playing in a forgotten mental asylum, a la the film Session 9. That way it’ll sound messed-up and tinny, but purposefully so!

Wow, this website it AWESOME. Thanks for the tip, Skip. :)

I’ve got a metric tonne of new jams coming in the near future. I’ve finally decided to just buckle down and finish all the stuff that’s been sitting on my hard-drive collecting bit-dust.

“Then, I spelled out the name DR HARKNESS LOCRIAN using the assigned notes. And that’s where the melody pretty much came from!”

…and it even worked !! great. love the tension… that part that starts at 2:17 gave me goosebumps… replay