👽 Destiny (Ambiant Old Track)


Good production of a well composed song with a nice instrumentation. I like the beat, sounds like early 90s Chill Out (I wouldn’t call it Ambient). Nice pads, nice string, nice piano melody, nice background instruments. Well done! From what I’ve heard so far this is your best. Somehow this song reminds me of water. It’s flowing, too. And I can see single waterdrops falling on a water surface while listening. I know it’s different, but this song also comes to my mind when I listen to your track. Maybe because of the similar topic. :wink:

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:alien:Thank you very much for taking the time to listen;
Thank you very much for sharing your feelings. :exploding_head:
and thank you very much for composing synthwave Music :boom: I like that !!!
It s fucking good !! good Job !! :bomb:

These are uplifting tracks. My favorite is “Crc”, even though it has some crooked notes (0:47-0:52). The melody starting at 2:13 is pretty nice, that’s my favorite part of the song. Nice electronic tune overall, it somehow reminds me of old Unit A cracktunes, probably because of the synth bass you’re using and the way you’re using it. “Coders” could be a song from a racing game OST. I’m not sure what that style is called exactly, but it sounds good. Well, “Cypher Punk” obviously is Synthwave with some really nice parts and cool cuts at the end. Keep 'em coming, I would like to hear more.

Nothing to thank for. Thank you for listening! Glad you like it. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m doing Synthwave for about 2 years now, but I’m also composing Elektro for a much longer period of time. These are my two preferred nusic styles, on one hand for listening, on the other hand for composing.

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