Destructive Time Stretch In Sample Editor

HI, Renoise team.

I think that many people will be agreed, that renoise don’t have a useful timestretch function now. And, on the our point of view, a timestretch function must be realised like as a function in the sampler window (not like an plugin). Like in Adobe Audition, Sound Forge etc. This is a picture, that imagine what we talking about:

So, what do you think about this idea?

One button?
Will Renoise just know how much to stretch it?

It will be a time stretch like in audio editors. Once you click the button, opens a stretch menu, where you can choose a process parameters (like grain size, lenght of outputing sample, stretching algorithm etc.). It’s not realtime but it have to be very usefully.

Yes I did, but almost all requests was about realtime stretch plugin (sorry if I missed any similar requests - my english is far from good ).

It wouldn’t need to have a popup menu. Just mark the area, press modification key or light a button and click-drag the edge or slider or sumthing. Then release key or deactivate the button. Fast and easy. Rulers are there for numbers.

Yes, timestretching would be great!
Aren’t there real good free algorithms for that? I wonder how easy it is to implement.
Also, would that be something that could be done with the upcoming Lua scripting?


I know modplug tracker is using SoundTouch Audio Processing Library. It’s open source, but I’m not sure renoise can have it due to license.

I would suggest to put the timestretching in the instrument editor as well, like an option to have a sample mapped across the keyboard by only pitching it and not changing speed!