Destructively set Metronome Volume at start of Renoise

hi, is it possible to somehow read the OS and figure out where the metronome wavefile is? i’d hate to try to hardcode it to /Users/esaruoho/etc as that would make it completely useless.

but what i’m talking about is having a Preference in a tool that sets the volume of the metronome to a specific volume, by destructively loading, modifying the sample volume and saving the sample on top of the original metronome.wav, no matter if in linux, windows or macOS.

can this be done, @taktik?

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I still don’t understand why Renoise still doesn’t have a metronome volume level bar.
What’s more, it should also have some effect for the pattern editor so you can change the time signature on the fly.

Songs do not always have to have the same beat throughout their entire duration.

They are such basic things!

This issue is not new. It was requested on several occasions and has been ignored.

On the other hand, the wav file is loaded when you start Renoise (you can change this sound beforehand). The volume level is read from the Renoise xml preferences file (you can change the level beforehand). So it’s strange that these things aren’t more useful and flexible.


that’s their decision. but if there’s a workaround, then it’ll be solved by a script.
yep, it’s faintly ridiculous, but hey, at least we have scripting to solve it with.

If you have to restart Renoise to change something basic, it loses usefulness and effectiveness. With a script you will not be able to change anything “on the fly”.

Like a piano roll?

Absolutely not. Don’t compare the “volume of a metronome” with “a piano roll”, it has nothing to do with it. I don’t understand your comment here.

I was simply pointing out that having metronome volume control would be a great feature, and it’s not a new thing.

We often think that we can have control of all the sound in a DAW, including the metronome volume.

Sometimes we want to play and record soft-sounding melodies live together with the active metronome. And then change to a louder sound. Hence the word “basic”, which is not at all derogatory.

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